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The General Council consists of graduates, academic staff and members of the supreme governing body of the University, the University Court:

"1. The General Council of the University of Edinburgh shall consist of – (a) all persons on whom the University has conferred a degree other than an Honorary Degree, whose names shall be recorded in the Register of Graduates referred to in section 3 of this Ordinance, in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance; (b) all persons on whom the University has conferred an Honorary Degree or on whom it has conferred the title of Honorary Fellow of the University; (c) during their tenure of office- (i) the Chancellor of the University; (ii) the members of the University Court; (iii) the Professors of the University; (iv) all Readers, Senior Lecturers, and Lecturers in the University who have held any such office for a period of one year; (d) former members of the University Court and former Professors who have elected to pay the statutory registration fee, if any; (e) former Readers, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers who have retired after holding any such office in the University for a period of three years and who have elected to do so."

It has a statutory right to comment on matters which affect the well-being and prosperity of the University, with the aim of ensuring that graduates have a continuing voice in the management of its affairs. The General Council elects the University's Chancellor, three Assessors to the University Court and its own Business Committee. It also has the responsibility of maintaining a register of all University of Edinburgh graduates.

Members of the General Council are kept in touch with its activities through regular communications and by checking its website regularly. They are encouraged to take an active part by communicating with the Secretary by email or via the interactive section of the website, and also encouraged to attend the Half-Yearly Meetings in February and June and to stand for election to the Business Committee.

In summary the General Council has three main areas of responsibility - Formal or Statutory, Influencing and Advising the University and as Ambassadors of the University.

The total number of General Council members worldwide as at 23 July 2018 was 225,001.

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