Visit from Convocation Members, Queen's University, Belfast

On Thursday July 5th the Convener of the Business Committee, Stuart McPherson, and the Secretary of the General Council, Ann Smyth, hosted a fact-finding visit from Eoin McMullan and Jonathan Hill of Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). Eoin has recently been appointed Chair of Convocation at QUB, Convocation being comparable to our General Council. Ex officio, he also serves on the University’s governing body. Jonathan is a member of the Convocation Committee which is akin to our Business Committee. Believing that the relationship between QUB and its Convocation could be enhanced Eoin and Johnny, as he preferred to be called, had asked if they could visit Edinburgh to learn more about our General Council, its structures and processes and relationship to the University. After a congenial meeting to exchange information the visitors were able to be in attendance at our last Business Committee of this academic year. With so many common themes emerging this was a mutually useful meeting and we look forward to keeping in touch.