Billet Magazine

The Billet furnishes members with information about Statutory Half-Yearly Meetings, along with the Agenda and supporting papers and details about the regular post-meeting lunches and after-lunch speakers. More detailed information can be found here on the website at:

Billet is now published separately from Edit, the alumni magazine.  For the past two years Edit has been published annually in winter, but in 2017 it moved to a summer publication, to align better with the cycle of the academic year.  The electronic version of Edit is available online at, where you will find a new supplement each month, plus all the articles that are published in the annual printed magazine.

We hope that you enjoy this winter issue of Billet  containing the papers for the Half-Yearly Meeting to be held on Saturday 1 February 2020.

Wherever you are, we hope that we inspire you to reconnect with Edinburgh – you can do this by attending the General Council Half-Yearly Meetings in February and June and sending us your favourite student memories or connecting with us online.